‘Falling leaves for the fallen chestnuts’

‘Falling leaves for the fallen chestnuts’ – Jeugd aan Zet – Kuenenplein Beverwijk, april 2021
300cm x 90cm x 170cm
iron lasered leaves on pipes

Romy & Lotte de Gruijter, Thijs Kuijpers, Bram van Santen, Charlotte Schol, Dion Thissen.

For this artwork I coached six young adults to make a sculpture inspired by and made for the neighbourhood Kuenenkwartier, Beverwijk. In the near future, nine beautiful chestnuts will be removed. To commemorate these chestnuts, the young adults designed falling steel chestnut leaves. A few of the steel leaves were spread throughout the neighbourhood.

Special thanks to: HSchoenmakers BV, Pantheon Drukkers, Wha-Yo Allround Technics