‘Shimenawa’ – Pollution Art Festival – Wijk aan Zee (Dittis Sunsea), 2020
600cm x 150cm x 800cm
Used lampposts, fishing net, fishing rope, plastic bottles, iron framework and cables.

This artwork is a commission from Gemeente Beverwijk in context of the Pollution Art Festival. It’s created in collaboration with the students of grade 6/7/8 from primary school Montessori Beverwijk. The focus of this object is the pollution of the sea and beach. By choosing used materials such as a fishing net, fishing rope, CD’s and plastic bottles it depicts the daily plastic objects, nylon fishing nets and rope that washes ashore. The shape of the artwork is inspired by the Japanese ‘Shimenawa’, a thick twisted rope above the entrance of a temple to protect it’s sacred/pure place. Let us all be more aware of what we can do to protect our nature.

– Carry the weight of the world –

This video symbolizes carrying ‘weight’ on your shoulders and your own will that’s capable of unloading or uploading that weight.



‘Wake up call’

‘Wake up call’
220cm x 53cm x 200cm
Wood, Iron chains, Iron hooks, Glazed ceramics





Januari 2019 – © GailMeijer

Annelies Kwaak (1987, Beverwijk) is a visual & ceramic artist. She graduated art school in 2009 and soon after she started working as a teacher in fine arts at a secondary school. In 2016 she obtained a studio and began creating again. At the moment she develops sculptures and installations, using all kinds of materials and techniques. Themes that frequently appear in her work are communication & protection.

She also designs wheelthrown tableware combined with handbuilt elements. She’s researching the possibilities of red glazes, in particular sang de boeuf also called oxblood red. 

Annelies also has a knack for organizing events and uses those skills for different associations. She’s open for collaborations and always eager to learn more.


Bachelor of Fine Arts – Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten – 2009


Current exhibitions

‘Falling leaves for the fallen chestnuts’, April 2021, Kuenenplein Beverwijk

Museum Kennemerland, ‘De Nieuwe Kunst’, 3 October – until further notice, Beverwijk


Past exhibitions

Klifhanger, ‘Vloedlijn’, 24 June 2021 – 27 June 2021, Den Hoorn

Pollution Art, ‘Shimenawa’, 11 June 2020 – 30 September 2020, Wijk aan Zee

Gemeentehuis Beverwijk, ‘Basketry series’, 3 January 2020 – June 2020, Beverwijk

KEK, ‘Solo-expositie’, 20 November 2019 – 5 January 2020, Beverwijk

MEBA, ‘Under the smoke of Hoochoven’, 20/21 October 2018, Velsen-Noord

KEK, ‘Broedplaatssafari’, 11 June – 28 August 2018, Beverwijk







Annelies Kwaak

Studio O
Romerkerkweg 10
1942 EZ Beverwijk


KvK 76972569

BTW NL003149977B82